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A God Has Fallen!

The all father has vanished, creating an opening in the pantheon.

To fill the void, Demigods from across the mortal world must wage war

against one another in a bid to ascend to true godhood.

Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon.

Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Stardock
Genre(s): Team-based action/strategy
Platform: Windows PC
Players: 1-10
ESRB Rating: T

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About Demigod the Game

“Demigod” is a real-time strategy (RTS) and role-playing game (RPG) hybrid developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Stardock. It was released on April 14, 2009.

In “Demigod”, players control a powerful character, known as a demigod, and battle it out with other players in a variety of arenas. Each demigod possesses unique abilities and can be customized with a variety of items and skills. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s stronghold, while defending your own.

The game draws heavily from the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, similar to titles like “Dota 2” or “League of Legends”. The game features two modes: skirmish and tournament. Skirmish mode allows for quick battles, while tournament mode allows players to participate in a series of battles leading up to a final confrontation.

There are two types of demigods: assassins and generals. Assassins focus on dealing damage and have direct control over their abilities, whereas generals are capable of controlling minions and shaping the battlefield to their advantage.

The gameplay focuses on strategic thinking and the efficient use of the demigod’s abilities. There are several different maps to play on, each with their own unique strategies and tactics.


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With skirmishes designed to last minutes instead of hours, persistent multiplayer tournaments that have light and dark factions amassing points over time, and an upgrade system that gives you a surprising amount of flexibility on the battlefield, Demigod is a refreshing change of pace from the traditional RTS model.


AtomicGamer: “Overall: 89%”
CosmosGaming: “Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10”
Neoseeker: “Final Score: 10 / 10”

Game Focus: Editor’s Choice Award – 9.2 / 10
FiringSquad: “Final Verdict – 84%”
Cheat Code Central: “Overall Rating – Great”

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